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Helpful Tips

Hints for An Easier Move Day…

  1. Be available on all loading days. Movers will have questions.
  2. Accompany the driver as he prepares your inventory. Ask questions if you are unsure of the condition that the driver is noting.
  3. Carefully read and complete the Bill of Lading. This is the legal contract between you and the mover, treat it accordingly.
  4. Make sure you have copies of the Bill of Lading and Inventories before the driver leaves.
  5. Before the driver leaves do a final walk through the house checking all closets and storage areas to make sure nothing was missed.
  6.  Provide the driver with contact information in case he needs to reach you during the course of the move.
  7. Acquire the driver’s truck number, agency and contact information. This will make it easier to reach the driver if you have questions or if your plans change.
  8. Make sure the driver has the correct address of your new home or storage facility.
  9.  Provide the movers and helpers with a clean water supply (either individual bottles or cups) and restroom facilities.
  10. The items that will be traveling with you, clothes, papers, etc. should be put in one place (a bathroom that has been previously packed) or in the vehicle that you will be taking with you. This will help prevent them being loaded on the truck and having to find them later.
  11. Valuables (cash, coin, jewelry, photographs, papers) should be taken with you or sent ahead by a trackable service such as UPS or FedEx.
  12.  When possible arrange for the house closing to a day or two following loading. This will help reduce the stress of having to be available for the movers and having to concentrate on closing at the same time.
  13. Get a good night’s sleep and have a good breakfast the morning of the move.
  14. No matter how prepared you are, things occasionally go wrong, Fido will decide to chase the neighbor’s cat, Jr. will decide that he has to have the toy in the bottom box of a stack, it will seem that everyone you know has to drop by for one last chat, try to relax this is a normal part of moving.

Hints for an Easier Delivery Day…

  1. Be available on the delivery days. Movers will have questions
  2. Have estimated moving funds available in either cash, certified check or money order – you will have to pay the movers before they will begin unloading furniture. If you are paying by credit card, you will need to make those arrangement prior to loading day.
  3. Check carefully for damaged or missing items at the time of delivery and be sure to make note of these on the inventory before the movers leave.
  4. Supervise the unloading and unpacking
  5. Complete your unpacking as quickly as possible.
  6. When possible make arrangements for the closing on the new house be a day or two before the first day of the delivery spread.

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